Introduction To Coaching

(Four sessions - offered weekly, fortnightly or monthly)

The Basic Package offers the client an introduction to coaching. This program supports the client to unpack the past so they can move forward with clarity in order to set new goals.


The Basic Introduction to coaching consists of:

  • Detailed personal history - "get to know you"
  • Guided discovery of main focus area
  • Two individually tailored coaching sessions
  •  ‘Celebrate your Success’



For those people who want it all..

1 -1 Coaching

(Twelve sessions - offered over up to 6 months)


The Elite Life Package is an intensive coaching program that explores and unpacks the past as well as identifying strengths and setting goals for the future. The Elite Package offers everything in the Basic and Advanced Packages as well as Conscious Hypnosis where required.

Elite Life Package consists of:

  • Detailed personal history - "get to know you"
  • Guided discovery of focus area
  • Vision boarding
  • Individually tailored coaching sessions
  • ‘Celebrate your Success’
  • Email support between sessions
  • Neuro Linguistic Programming, Time Line Techniques & Conscious Hypnosis as required.


Relationship Coaching

Relationship Coaching Packages consist of 12 sessions, some of which are delivered to both clients together and some individually. Each session runs for 1-2 hours. While the outcomes for relationship coaching can vary, ie, depending on individual needs, preferences, beliefs, values and actions, at the completion of the relationship coaching sessions, clients can reasonably expect to achieve some or all of the following:

  • Clarity on the vision and values couples want for their relationship,
  • A clear understanding of the options available to them as partners,
  • A clear understanding of the influence their family of origin has on their current relationship,
  • An ability to change your patterns of thinking, behavior and influence those of their partner

Sessions are conducted in the comfort of your own home with no need for travel or the expenses associated with it. Video sessions enable you to attend no matter where you live or how busy you are. Face to face appointments can be arranged on request.(12 Sessions – offered over 12 months)

Package and price for this service will be discussed after a FREE 30 minute Introductory session with both parties individually.

Youth Empowerment Coaching

These sessions are about supporting young people, aged 10 through to adult. They are designed to build confidence and help participants gain valuable life skills for the future. Coaching in this category is similar to mentoring and aims to guide young people to move forward in the right direction.

Sessions can include:

  • goal setting,
  • socializing,
  • career/study pathways,
  • understanding self and others,
  • resume writing.

The essential outcome of these coaching sessions is that young people gain self-empowerment and greater confidence. Sessions are delivered via video call (or face to face on request) with a parent or guardian present.

Sessions and price for this service is tailored to your individual need and discussed after a FREE 30 minute Discovery session. All sessions/packages to be paid in full prior to coaching commencing.

Appointments available before, during or after business hours.

Here's what l can help you with


Lack of Confidence

Weight Loss

Stop Smoking


Lack of Motivation

Decision Making


Lack of Direction

Limiting Beliefs


Negative Emotions

Unwanted Habits

Interpersonal Conflict


Putting Things Off


Stress Management

Time Management

Relationship Problems

Poor Spelling

Internal Conflict





Life Purpose

Negative Associations

Take the first step

Anyone can benefit from Life Coaching sessions. Especially if you:

  • are feeling a bit stuck and want to find new direction and meaning,
  • want to talk about something that’s on your mind,
  • have a specific issue that you would like to better understand and work through with an objective listener,
  • have recently or are about to experience a significant change in your life, such as moving schools; starting further studies; becoming a new parent or have separated,
  • want some support with relationship problems or help forming new friendships,
  • are recovering from an illness or a disability,
  • want help managing feelings of stress, anxiety, loneliness or depression etc.

Get in touch with me today to start unlocking your true potential!

Here’s What Our Customers Had To Say…

"Absolutely amazing!..."

I started having life coaching sessions with Linda about 3 months ago and working with her has been absolutely amazing! Linda’s coaching helped me identify areas in my career I needed to address. By challenging me to think about what I need and what I am searching for, I was also able to come to some good conclusions about my life goals. The ease in which I was able to integrate these life lessons into all areas of my life has been so helpful – especially for my mental health and wellbeing. I highly  recommend life coaching with Linda!!

Chelsea M   Visual Merchandiser 

"I learnt something new about myself every session..."

“Linda has had a huge influence on my son’s success with starting high school this year. Having an external person (ie, not friends or family) who he could share his feelings with as well as a safe space where he could learn ways to deal with his emotions, has been crucial.

Linda is very patient and professional and most importantly, she was able to relate to my son and keep him turning up and completing set tasks. I highly recommend Linda’s coaching to all.

I’ve had six sessions with Linda myself and l feel like l learnt something new about myself in every session. l also learnt something new about how my mind works. When l worked with Linda, my mind really opened up about everything, including problems, how to fix them and to feel more secure. In my time working with Linda, l learnt ways of dealing with my problems and my emotions.

Linda also taught me some activities l can do to understand where l am at emotionally. These activities really helped me to know how to feel better and then once l knew that, l understood what l need to change. Linda’s sessions really helped me and each time, l really learnt something new about me!”

Linh (mum) & Leigh (12 years old)


I am so confident in my professional coaching abilities, l am excited to announce that all of my packages are covered by a 100% Happiness Guarantee!

I am incredibly confident that your life will change after engaging my help and I’m certain you won't be the same person you were before. You will have a clearer understanding of yourself, be in better control of your life (including the decisions you make) and will feel excited about your future! I offer a no-obligation free 30-minute introductory session, where you have the opportunity to get to know me and in turn, l get a better understanding of what you need help with. Then, if after two sessions, you are not completely satisfied with the highly professional service l have provided, l'll give you your money back. To be eligible for the Happiness Guarantee you must complete the minimum period, take genuine action on the work we agree on and give me honest feedback at the end of each session – especially if you feel at any level, that l am not delivering on your expectations.

I am committed to your satisfaction and my Happiness Guarantee. So contact me today and let's start working together to get you where you want to be in your life.